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NPTF (Dryseal) High-Speed Steel, Ground Thread Taper Pipe Taps-Regular Thread (Made in Korea)

SKU#Tap SizeThreads Per Inch# of FlutesOverall LengthLength of ThreadQtyPrice
110K-1/16-271/16"2742-1/8"11/16"1Log in for price
110K-1/8-27*1/8"2742-1/8"3/4"1Log in for price
110K-1/4-181/4"1842-7/16"1-1/16"1Log in for price
110K-3/8-183/8"1842-9/16"1-1/16"1Log in for price
110K-1/2-141/2"1443-1/8"1-3/8"1Log in for price
110K-3/4-143/4"1453-1/4"1-3/8"1Log in for price
110K-1-11-1/21"11-1/253-3/4"1-3/4"1Log in for price
110K-11/411121-1/4"11-1/254"1-3/4"1Log in for price
110K-11/211121-1/2"11-1/274-1/4"1-3/4"1Log in for price
110K-2-11-1/22"11-1/274-1/2"1-3/4"1Log in for price
110K-2-1/2-82-1/2"885-1/2"2-9/16"1Log in for price