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  • SA-600-TiAlN – Cylindrical Shape (No End Cut) – Double Cut Carbide Rotary Burrs
  • SC-600-TiAlN – Cylindrical Shape (Radius End) – Double Cut Carbide Rotary Burrs
  • SD-600-TiAlN – Ball Shape – Double Cut Carbide Rotary Burrs
  • SF-600-TiAlN – Radius Tree Shape – Double Cut Carbide Rotary Burrs
  • SG-600-TiAlN – Pointed Tree Shape – Double Cut Carbide Rotary Burrs
  • SL-600-TiAlN – Cone Radius End 14-Degree Angle – Carbide Rotary Burrs

All of the above are made in China

SKU#Item # Diameter Length of CutQtyPrice
600-TIALN-SA-1SA11/4"5/8"1Log in for price
600-TIALN-SA-3SA33/8"3/4"1Log in for price
600-TIALN-SA-5SA51/2"1"1Log in for price
600-TIALN-SB-1SB11/4"5/8"1Log in for price
600-TIALN-SB-3SB33/8"3/4"1Log in for price
600-TIALN-SB-5SB51/2"1"1Log in for price
600-TIALN-SC-1SC11/4"5/8"1Log in for price
600-TIALN-SC-3SC33/8"3/4"1Log in for price
600-TIALN-SC-5SC51/2"1"1Log in for price
600-TIALN-SD-1SD11/4"1/4"1Log in for price
600-TIALN-SD-3SD33/8"3/8"1Log in for price
600-TIALN-SD-5SD51/2"1/2"1Log in for price
600-TIALN-SF-1SF11/4"5/8"1Log in for price
600-TIALN-SF-3SF33/8"3/4"1Log in for price
600-TIALN-SF-5SF51/2"1"1Log in for price
600-TIALN-SG-1SG11/4"5/8"1Log in for price
600-TIALN-SG-3SG33/8"3/4"1Log in for price
600-TIALN-SG-5SG51/2"1"1Log in for price
600-TIALN-SL-1SL11/4"5/8"1Log in for price
600-TIALN-SL-3SL33/8"1-1/16"1Log in for price
600-TIALN-SL-4SL41/2"1-1/8"1Log in for price